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Culture and Language Abroad / CLA is a program provider offering 2 abroad programs. Programs offered include Study Abroad and Intensive Language abroad programs in 1 country such as Mexico.

We are uniquely immersive study program based in the UNESCO World Heritage city of Guanajuato, Mexico. Unlike less personal exchange programs, we focus on designing individual curriculum experiences that are authentic to both student’s needs and local culture. CLA is a non-profit founded and operated by a dedicated team of international educators – who also happen to be Guanajuato natives – whose university and community networks assure that program participants will study and live like a true local.

Study Abroad with Culture and Language Abroad / CLA

Based on 13 Reviews
Overall Experience
November 28, 2021
02/27/2021 The Best Experience Ever! CLA: Guanajuato - Liberal Arts & Culture Semester

"The experience in Guanajuato was the best thing ever in my life. I learned so many things, first my Spanish made a great progress and by living with host families, I also learned not only how delicious the Mexican food is, but also how warm the family and relatives connection is and their positive way of thinking. Also, those cl..."

Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
02/26/2021 Best Summer Of My Life CLA: Guanajuato - Summer Spanish & Culture

"I gained life long contacts with other students, my host mother, and the program director Fabiola. I was exposed to so much of Mexican culture as well as the language. It was genuinely the best summer of my life."

University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign
11/09/2020 An Amazing Three Months In Guanajuato CLA: Guanajuato - Liberal Arts & Culture Semester

"My study abroad experience was more than worthwhile. Through the hard work of Samantha & Fabiola in organizing weekly excursions and guiding us through the right academic programs, I gained a deep appreciation for the local culture, history, and way of life in and around Guanajuato."

Soka University of America
10/27/2020 Guanajuato Words Can't Describe My Experience CLA: Guanajuato - Liberal Arts & Culture Semester

"I gained a new perspective on life. "

Soka University of America
08/26/2020 Three Months In The Most Beautiful City In The World CLA: Guanajuato - Summer Spanish & Culture

"My Spanish improved SO MUCH. My host family didn't speak English and friends I made in the program were international so our only common language was Spanish. I spoke Spanish essentially 24/7. No waiters/store clerks spoke English. It was definitely worthwhile. After studying Spanish on and off for six years, this is the first t..."

Soka University of America
03/08/2020 !Increíble! My Amazing Summer With Cla Guanajuato CLA: Guanajuato - Summer Spanish & Culture

"I improved my Spanish skills, learned fun new slang, and also learned so much about Mexican history and culture. It was definitely worthwhile and I can't wait to go back!"

Ohio State University - Columbus
01/30/2020 Best Semester Abroad! CLA: Guanajuato - Liberal Arts & Culture Semester

"I studied abroad in Fall semester of 2019 and I loved it! Like most study abroad students, I had my reservations about coming. While of course there are moments of frustration when you can't communicate yourself in Spanish, I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone. You will not only grow immensely in your Spanish abilities..."

Western Washington University
11/29/2019 Que Bueno! CLA: Guanajuato - Summer Spanish & Culture

"Yes, it was worthwhile. I learned a lot about the impact of colonialism and the diversity of the ethnic groups within Mexico. "

09/05/2018 Parent Review: Dream Come True For Our Son CLA: Guanajuato - Summer Spanish & Culture

"Our son is interested in speaking Spanish, traveling and returned with confidence and more open-minded."

Parent Reviews of Study Abroad
08/07/2018 Great Experience CLA: Guanajuato - Summer Spanish & Culture

"If you are looking for an amazing culture filled experience, look no further!! I have recently returned from Mexico and had a great time. I was able to meet a lot of great friends from Mexico as well as from many other countries around the world. When I arrived in Guanajuato my Spanish was very basic, I knew some words and phras..."

The University of Texas at Austin
08/03/2018 Guanajuato 2018 CLA: Guanajuato - Summer Spanish & Culture

"I was incredibly impressed with my trip with CLA to Guanajuato. I went to improve my proficiency in Spanish and learn about my heritage and I ended up gaining so much more. By the end of the month I was completely thinking in Spanish without having to translate everything into English first and even slept talked in Spanish which..."

California State University - Sacramento
02/26/2018 Incredible Semester Abroad Cla Rocks!!! CLA: Guanajuato - Liberal Arts & Culture Semester

"It was so worthwhile. I learned how to adapt to a different culture, how to be independent and overcome difficulties, and I learned so much about myself. When you study abroad in another country you realize how big the world really is and how you fit into it. I also had the opportunity to meet not only Mexicans but exchange stud..."

Goshen College
Past Review My New Found Love For Guanajuato And Cla: Beautiful, Affordable, Unforgettable! CLA: Guanajuato - Liberal Arts & Culture Semester

"My experience abroad was extremely worthwhile. At first by choice and then by coincidence I made lots of local and international Spanish-speaking friends. These friends not only are now extremely important people in my life, but taught me SO MUCH about their respective cultures and immensely aided my improvement in speaking Span..."

Millersville University of Pennsylvania