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Amizade Global Service Learning


Amizade Global Service Learning is a program provider offering 8 abroad programs. Programs offered include Study Abroad, Internship, Volunteer, Intensive Language, and High School abroad programs in 7 countries such as Jamaica, Bolivia, Brazil, and United States.

Amizade Global Service-Learning has been empowering individuals and communities through worldwide service and learning since 1994. Over 6,000 individuals have served with local community leaders in 9 countries on 4 continents with 11 partnerships. From working with women and girls on rainwater harvesting initiatives in rural Tanzania to running at-risk youth camps in Jamaica, Amizade volunteers have transformed and been transformed.

We give people the chance to make a difference through community-driven volunteer programs and service-learning courses for university credit. Our service-learning courses will be unlike any course you’ve ever experienced. They includes all of the traditional learning that occur in any classroom and then deepens it, catalyzes it, and contextualizes it by connecting you and your professor with the local people, place, and issues that you’ve been reading about.

Study Abroad with Amizade Global Service Learning

Based on 19 Reviews
Overall Experience
April 18, 2024
Past Review Political Immersion Amizade: Northern Ireland

"Extremely. Peace is a process that takes time and energy, a level of dedication that outweighs conflict, revenge, and self-rigteousness. "

Susquehanna University
Past Review Opening My Mind In Petersfield Jamaica Amizade: Jamaica

"YES! I hope to study abroad at least one more time to expand my cultural knowledge even more before graduate school."

West Virginia University
Past Review Bolivia: The Best Kept Secret Amizade: Bolivia

"It helped open my eyes to Bolivian and South American culture."

West Virginia University
Past Review Amizade Global Service Learning In Ghana Changed My Life! Amizade: Ghana

"I gained more confidence in myself to know that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. I made many lasting relationships with fellow students as well as with people in our host community. I don't take things for granted anymore and want to see and help more places throughout the world now."

West Virginia University
Past Review Jamaica: Time Of Your Life Amizade: Jamaica

"I gained a greater understanding for different cultures, met some great people, and had an amazing time."

West Virginia University
Past Review Jamaica: I Learned So Much Amizade: Jamaica

"This was definitely worthwhile. I learned so many things about another culture and I got to meet some amazing people."

Past Review Jamaica: I Learned So Much Amizade: Jamaica

"This was definitely worthwhile. I learned so many things about another culture and I got to meet some amazing people."

West Virginia University
Past Review Journey To Jamaica: Life Changing Amizade: Jamaica

"I also thought that I wanted to work on a medical cruise ship that provided medical care to third world countries. However, I didn't know how I would handle other cultures or being away from home. This trip helped me realize that I should be able to do this job. "

West Virginia University
Past Review Washington Dc: Seeing The Capital Through Foreign Eyes Amizade: Washington D.C.

"This was certainly not my most influential Amizade experience, but, as always, it was thought-provoking and worthwhile. Like I've noted, I give little thought to European affairs and culture, so it was a new experience for me to be immersed in that perspective and to see my own land from others' eyes. I tend to travel abroad a..."

West Virginia University
Past Review Service Learning In Cochabamba Bolivia Amizade: Bolivia

"Being abroad is sometimes challenging but in the end it makes you a flexible, confident, and independent person. After my experience in Bolivia I am confident that I could travel the world and not have a problem. I have always been interested in Latin American Politics but my experience in Cochabamba gave me the confiden..."

West Virginia University
Past Review Ghana: So Much Fun, It's Like You're Not In School Amizade: Ghana

"For the future, I gained a whole new international understanding on racial perspectives. Ghana doesn't view race like America does, and it was interesting to take that perspective home with me."

Clark University
Past Review Arsp Amizade In Washington Dc Amizade: Washington D.C.

"Great experience and an excellent opportunity to not only gain a different perspective on the issues of identity, the Holocaust, and social justice but also an incredible cross-cultural immersion. "

University of Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh
Past Review Experiencing The Holocaust Through 3rd Generation Germs And Jews. Amizade: Washington D.C.

"Yes, very much so. "

University of Pittsburgh - Johnstown
Past Review Amizade In Bolivia: A Memorable & Eye Opening Experience Amizade: Bolivia

"I expanded my Spanish language skills and learned deep insight into Latin American history and culture through hands-on experience and interaction in Bolivia. "

University of Toronto