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This program is inactive and currently not accepting students. It is still on Abroad101 as a reference to the provider and host institution whose links are on this page. Please refer to these if you are interested in learning more about similar programs

Immerse yourself in Thai culture with this study abroad program based in Chiang Mai focusing on Thailand- and Southeast Asia-related studies such as Buddhism, public health, human rights, international relations, political science, history and art... read more

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During my time in Chiang Mai, I had so many experiences I will never forget. The city and its people were absolutely beautiful, and TEAN’s program allowed me to experience the beauty of Thailand in an incredibly authentic and life-changing way. After we arrived at the airport, we were brought to a beautiful resort in one of t... - Gustavus Adolphus College View Entire Review
I learned how much you can learn when you travel if you make yourself open to new experiences. I also gained a love for Southeast Asia! - University of Redlands View Entire Review
It was beyond worthwhile! I think I became a little more relaxed having been in such a lay back culture. It has also broadened me being in a culture very different from my own. I think I am more open to different ways of thinking. I've also gained lifelong friends from around the world. - Siena College View Entire Review
Past Review Above And Beyond
My experience was above and beyond what I expected of the program. I have made friends from all walks of life that I will cherish forever. I now have a more complete understanding of the direction I am heading in for the future as I pursue a degree in International Development. I was able to take advantage of once in a lifetime ... - Clemson University View Entire Review
A student studying abroad with The Education Abroad Network: Thailand - Semester in Chiang Mai
My study abroad experience was challenging, serene, and unforgettable. I learned so many things about the world and most importantly myself that I would have never discovered otherwise. Studying abroad in Thailand taught me the beauty of another language, race, and culture. One of the most important things I learned in Southea... - University of Tampa View Entire Review
A student studying abroad with The Education Abroad Network: Chiang Mai - Payap University
When asked why I chose to study abroad, I would initially respond with a rather generic answer such as, “to broaden my horizons”, or “to see another part of the world”. Little did I know that I would in fact grow in so many ways. Through my semester in Thailand with TEAN, I was able to fully immerse myself in, what I have come t... - College of Charleston View Entire Review
As my 2nd study abroad experience, Thailand changed my perspective dramatically. Coming here reaffirmed my ambitions to pursue a career with the Department of State by affording me the opportunity to travel to Nepal and work inside the U.S. embassy in Kathmandu. Traveling here also challenged my ability to travel in a country wh... - Champlain College View Entire Review
When people ask if I would do Thailand again, there isn’t a moment I hesitate to say yes. There has not been a day that goes by that I don’t yern for some pad Thai or miss the good friends that I made there from all over the world. I’ll say it, Study abroad changed my life, and my world view. - Iowa State University View Entire Review
I had such a great experience in Thailand that I am looking at ways to go back after graduation. My semester really enlightened me on a region of the world with a rich culture that is undergoing rapid development. - Augustana College View Entire Review
My spring semester in Thailand through The Education Abroad Network truly could not have been better. I learned about Thai culture and customs, met the most wonderful, genuine and kind Thai people, became familiar with the Southeast Asia region, made lifelong friendships with other international students from Cambodia, Vietnam a... - University of Wisconsin - Madison View Entire Review
Going abroad with TEAN to Chiang Mai completely changed my life. If I could stay there forever, I would have. I learned all about Thai culture and life and even more about myself. From the Thai's, I learned a new way of life and a new path to happiness. My mind was opened to the diversity that fills our world and I learned not t... - George Washington University View Entire Review
My heart seriously aches to be back in Chiang Mai. Every day I think about the amazing experiences I had, the fabulous people I met and the way my life is forever changed for the better. Previous to boarding the plane to Thailand, I had never been to Asia before. Honestly, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Little did... - Pennsylvania State University - University Park View Entire Review
It was 1000% worthwhile! I learned how to live with a person from a different background, learned how to speak a foreign language and live/navigate my way through a foreign city. I learned incredible things about a part of the world that I had no prior knowledge of and was exposed to some of the most breathtaking natural landsca... - College of Charleston View Entire Review
My experience abroad for 5 months was an incredible time learning a new culture, meeting new friends, traveling to different cities and countrysides, speaking a new language, and eating new foods. I would recommend this program and country to anyone! - University of Maryland - College Park View Entire Review
I feel like I became connected with a part of the world that is often overlooked. And what made it even cooler was not only meeting new international people, but also other students I studied with from America who will be new friends I keep in touch with for a long time. - University of Dayton View Entire Review
Overall, I really was challenged personally, and simultaneously I was challenged by the culture and the reality of the experiences. Generally, I feel like my mind has been opened to just one part of the world that has changed my perspective on how I see the world, in terms of brokenness and reality of what's really going on. As... - Seattle Pacific University View Entire Review
This program was the best one I could have possibly chosen. I can't imagine what it would have been without it. I have traveled quite a bit, but no where like Thailand. Thanks to this program, my field trips, my Professors I've become extremely captivated and engaged in the Asian region, and have decided to add a certificate to ... - University of Massachusetts Amherst View Entire Review


Immerse yourself in Thai culture with this study abroad program based in Chiang Mai focusing on Thailand- and Southeast Asia-related studies such as Buddhism, public health, human rights, international relations, political science, history and art. Known as Thailand’s cultural capital, Chiang Mai is a major hub for students who appreciate its awesome beauty and affordable cost of living. With a required Thai language course, a homestay in a rural Thai village, the support of Thai student buddies, and even the option to have a local Thai student as a roommate, students integrate into the local university life. 

Program Type(s):
Study Abroad
Program Length(s):
  • Fall
  • Spring
  • Academic Year
Instruction Language(s):
  • Thai
  • English
Relevant Study Subject(s):
  • Asian Studies
  • East Asian Studies
  • Thai Language and Literature
  • Philosophy and Religious Studies
  • Social Sciences
  • International Relations
  • Political Science and Government
  • Dance
  • Public Health
Minimum GPA:
Year Founded:
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