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What did you gain/learn from your experience abroad? Was it worthwhile?
The people that you meet and encounter really impact and change your views on life. I made many friends from many places and all of them impacted me in different ways. It was also interesting having the opportunity to go to Fiji with my program. We spend some time at the local village and got to see how they live day to day. That was really eye opening to see what a developed country is like.

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I took math classes which are slightly different than the US system. In the states we learn everything about one subject (linear algebra, differential equations etc.) but in NZ they cover more areas in one course. This means some things you may not have the prior knowledge and others maybe review. It took a little time to adjust to but it wasn't bad. Also grades are weighted a lot on finals so that is something to consider before hand.

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From the beginning when I was first planning my trip all the way till the end when I was transferring my classes back TEAN has provided me with great assistance to make the transformation smooth and easy. TEAN was willing to work with me when I choose to study abroad a little later than everyone else. Many programs wouldn’t work with me since I was past their deadlines but TEAN told me if I was willing to get everything in as soon as possible they would be willing to work with me as well. TEAN treats everyone as a person, not as a number. They look at everyone’s situation and are willing to help each and every person out because they know how wonderful studying abroad truly is.

* Housing:

How satisfied were you with your living arrangements?

WSA offered more of a city feel where as other students could choose to live at Parnell which was more of a smaller community feel. I wanted big city and night life which is what I got living right in the city. The only flaw to WSA is they put all Americans together which was a little disappointing.

* Food:

I put 4 because I was the cook. I had my own kitchen which was great, but the grocery store is about a 10 minute walk away (not bad until you are carrying a bunch of groceries). My recommendation if anyone rents a car make sure to run to the grocery store before you return it =)

* Social & Cultural Integration:

How integrated did you feel with the local culture?

To start my abroad experience I took the TEAN pre-trip to Fiji. This pre-trip provided us with the opportunity to get to know everyone studying in New Zealand. So many programs just had orientation with all students from one city so they didn’t get to meet people studying in different places. This provided us with long-lasting friendships that continued as our experience progressed. We were able to meet up with people as we traveled to and from cities. This provided us with good recommendations from people in the area and even couches and floors to sleep on!

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* Safety:

TEAN did a good job at orientation talking to us about safety tips. Kiwi's are very friendly but Auckland is a city so you need to be careful. I always felt very safe but I made sure not to walk alone at nights. I don't know too much about health care since luckily I never had a problem while there. They addressed it in the beginning but since I never had to go through it I don't know too much.

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Course Department: 250
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Comments: Very challenging course if you don't have the prior knowledge. However tutorials offered time to ask questions if needed. But warning most the tutorial teachers are grad students who have limited English.
Credit Transfer Issues: No but know that in NZ they are on a 3 point scale since students graduate after 3 years. Therefore their 300 level classes are similar to our 400 level classes