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I gained a lot of understanding and took the opportunity to explore the culture and arts of Paris aside from my curriculum. - Université Paris Diderot - Paris 7 / University of Paris VII: Denis Diderot View Entire Review
I cannot recommend AUCP highly enough -- my experience as a student at AUCP in 2011 continues to impact me. Supported by the professors and staff, I made major progress in my French and the way in which I handled inter-cultural situations. Today, in 2015, I am pursuing a Master's degree in French-English translation in France. A... - Grinnell College View Entire Review
From this experience abroad, I learned to be independent; to cherish the simple moments in life when around a family; to make goals and to stick with them; to let yourself feel scared, happy or frustrated (always in French, of course); and to practice a foreign language always. - Grinnell College View Entire Review
It was definitely the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I was forced out of my shell and became stronger and more confident because of it. Looking back there were some great moments, and some bad, but it was definitely worth every minute. - Presbyterian College View Entire Review
Just try to immerse yourself into the culture. - Marygrove College View Entire Review
In all honesty. Marseille-incredible, AUCP-not. I value the experience because I learned how to put up with disagreeable situations for an extended period of time. Not worthwhile.This program is In need of serious reflection and adjustment on the part of the administration to better serve its own goals. - Middlebury College View Entire Review
Paris was amazing. I wish I had gone for a whole year. - Austin College View Entire Review
Life changing! Incredible! You don't realize how much you have changed until the last few weeks. - Towson University View Entire Review
Yes. Definitely. No regrets. - Marywood University View Entire Review
I felt like this experience opened my eyes to a completely different culture. It made me really appreciate the space and things that I have here in the United States. - University of Wisconsin - Stout View Entire Review
Yes, this was definitely worthwhile. My language skills improved greatly and it was wonderful to experience another culture. I had been studying abroad that previous year in Malta, so it was nice to compare and contrast American, Maltese, and French culture. I definitely have a better understanding and outlook on my major (Gl... - George Mason University View Entire Review
I loved it mostly for my host family. My french improved greatly and I learned that I absolutely LOVE trains! Because of my experience there, I've become less afraid of being independent and am less afraid of the big world than I was. - Susquehanna University View Entire Review
Do more research into the program you're choosing. - Anonymous University View Entire Review
The program in Marseille with the AUCP was not only a French language immersion but a cultural immersion as well. Marseille is a very unique city that deals with a lot of interesting immigration, religious and economic issues. I learned about not only French culture but American and North African Culture, as well. We had courses... - Austin College View Entire Review
Yes. - The University of Texas at Austin View Entire Review
That although there are a lot of differences between cultures, there is also a lot of similarities and those are the things we can bond on, - University of Northern Iowa View Entire Review
A better understanding of the depth and diversity of France and its history, language skills did improve. Was totally worthwhile - would do again in a heartbeat. - St. Cloud State University View Entire Review
Yes definitely, cultural and linguistic understanding as well as personal growth and maturity. - Carleton College View Entire Review
A student studying abroad with Study Abroad Programs in France
This experience was one that I will never forget, it was during a time of my life that I was open to reflecting on where I have been and where I hope to find myself. It followed St Louise de Marillac and St. Vincent de Paul and their lives, we were able to see how small actions can leave a major mark on the lives of others. - St. John's University View Entire Review
I think I gained a lot of insight into who I really am by breaking down ideas of what I thought I was and was not, while reaffirming other ideas. I think later I will find my experience worthwhile, but it will take a lot of time - not simply the three weeks that have passed - since as of right now I am quite apathetic towards my... - Carleton College View Entire Review
yes. The food was amazing and I got drunk like, a lot. Too much almost. Actually, I got drunk way too much. What country am I talking about again? - University of North Texas View Entire Review
It helped me to further my language studies by visiting and interacting with the local people. It also helped immensely to study the art that I study at home close up and in person. - Saint Ambrose University View Entire Review
Past Review Mixed Feelings
Yes, in that I learned a lot about myself and became more independent and self-confident. I also got an International Studies and French minor out of it. I still love travel and learning about the world, I just have learned that I wouldn't do a study-abroad program again, more likely an internship or just general travel. - Western Washington University View Entire Review
Absolutely! - The Catholic University of America View Entire Review


Find your dream Study Abroad Program in France at Abroad101 and this directory of Study Abroad Programs, Rankings and Reviews.  

Future students are drawn
to Abroad101 for the reviews from returning students.  Using the popular 1-5 star scale, individual reviews
provide a total rating, which are then averaged and displayed in
directories.  Individual review details
give ratings on all aspects of the program: academics, housing, food, program
administration and the environment, plus student support before and after the
experience abroad.  This insight can be
reassuring to students and help them not only pick a program, but feel
comfortable in their choices.  For
parents, the reviews provide a level of comfort about the provider, the
destination and study abroad in general.  

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