SIT Study Abroad: Nepal - Tibetan and Himalayan Peoples

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Learn about Tibetan and Himalayan politics and religion and the issues faced by communities in exile.The dynamics of Tibet and the Himalaya span from ancient times to the present day. Discover the history of the region’s border tensions, religious... read more

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February 22, 2024 Tashi Delek!
I gained confidence in myself and ability to connect with anyone, as well as in my skills as a researcher and writer. - Gustavus Adolphus College View Entire Review
January 26, 2024 Awesome
Learned how to adapt to a culture very far from my own. - Middlebury College View Entire Review
I was able to learn Tibetan Buddhist perspectives on mental health through an independent project. I was even able to meet His Holiness the Dalai Lama! - Brown University View Entire Review
On an academic level, I gained a deeper understanding of how Nepal fits into the broader Asian and global geopolitical context, as well as the forces that shape this. I also gained conversational proficiency in the Tibetan language. On a personal level, I made some unforgettable memories traveling and experiencing a beautiful cu... - Davidson College View Entire Review
July 12, 2021 Quite A Time
Yes. See review! - Rhodes College View Entire Review
It really helped me put being a US Citizen into perspective. I am incredibly grateful to have that. I loved being in Nepal and I made some incredible friends. I learned a lot about religion, and global politics and I am now passionate about politics in a way I never thought I would be. - Wellesley College View Entire Review
Past Review Amazing
I learned extensively about another culture and was able to deconstruct some of the things I previously thought about Buddhism or South East Asian countries. - Brandeis University View Entire Review
Some students were disappointed or surprised by aspects of the program. For several, there was too much emphasis on learning the Tibetan language. They did not find it useful for navigating the Nepali context. Or they found it simply too difficult and mentally opted out. While I empathize with their concerns, I personally found ... - Whitman College View Entire Review
An entirely new worldview, life-long friendships, and a deep appreciation for cultural differences and human connections. - University of Virginia View Entire Review
I greatly enjoyed my experience with SIT Nepal. It is hard to summarize an experience that proved so humbling, beautiful, and warm in a few words. I would highly suggest this program to anyone who is looking to challenge themselves, has a good degree of humility, and is easygoing. The staff of SIT NPT are exceptionally kind, tho... - Washington University in St. Louis View Entire Review
Instrumental knowledge, language knowledge, cultural knowledge. - Brandeis University View Entire Review
Past Review Life Changing
everything about myself, spirituality, the lesson of accepting the unknown. - Brandeis University View Entire Review
A student studying abroad with SIT Study Abroad: Nepal - Tibetan and Himalayan Peoples
I learned an understanding of sepals/SA culture that will allow me to travel/work there in the future. - Middlebury College View Entire Review
February 10, 2024 It's Nepal, Man
I learned how to operate freely but respectfully in a culture completely different to my own. I also learned how to think critically about complex issues without taking sides. - Middlebury College View Entire Review
Aside from the obvious topics that I learned which was the focus of this program, one immediate gain that I can name was the ability to travel on my own. I had done some light travel on my own before but nothing to the extent of this program. During the program, you are required to be on your own for a month and study a topic of... - Skidmore College View Entire Review
A student studying abroad with SIT Study Abroad: Nepal - Tibetan and Himalayan Peoples
Participating in the study abroad program in Nepal and India was a truly enriching experience. Beyond academics, it was a journey of personal growth and cultural immersion. Living with local families, I witnessed their resilience in preserving traditions amidst geopolitical changes, which deepened my empathy and understanding of... - University of Richmond View Entire Review
June 26, 2023 Great!
Learned lots about myself and Nepal! Very worthwhile - Middlebury College View Entire Review
I gained a profound insight into the lived experiences of a people who I had previously only read about, or could have pointed out on a map but did not consider in any real or meaningful sense. I had been abroad a small amount as a teenager with my family, and though I followed international events and cared about global politic... - Middlebury College View Entire Review
Learning how to conduct ethnographic research; building the confidence to investigate questions in a foreign linguistic and cultural environment; making lifelong friends; exploring Nepal and India for the first time. Overall an incredible experience. - Stanford University View Entire Review
A student studying abroad with SIT Study Abroad: Nepal - Tibetan and Himalayan Peoples
I came in fairly ignorant of Tibetan culture and history and left with not only a greater understanding of that, but also with friendships that I hope will last long after the 4 months of the program. This was the best decision I made in college. - Lafayette College View Entire Review
I was confused about what I wanted to do with my life prior attending this program. With the help of the faculty, my path and career are now unfolding. - Stonehill College View Entire Review
I significantly improved my writing and research abilities, making it extremely worthwhile in for my future academic work and desired career field. - Smith College View Entire Review
The SIT Nepal: Tibetan and Himalayan Peoples study abroad program was a remarkable highlight of my time in university. Through a refreshing taste of experiential learning, we engaged with communities across Nepal in productive, meaningful ways. Learning in the field instead of the classroom inspired us all to be more invested in... - University of Colorado - Boulder View Entire Review
I learned so much about cultural exchange and living internationally - Brandeis University View Entire Review
A Mustangi Buddhist philosopher named Jimpa once told me; "If you look back, you will be depressed, if you worry about the future then you will be anxious. If you choose to live in the present then you can find peace" - University of Hartford View Entire Review


Learn about Tibetan and Himalayan politics and religion and the issues faced by communities in exile.

The dynamics of Tibet and the Himalaya span from ancient times to the present day. Discover the history of the region’s border tensions, religious belief systems and politics. Learn about the Tibetan Government in Exile; CIA intervention in Tibet; the Dalai Lama and his Middle Way approach; negotiations with China; and human rights in Tibet. Spend six weeks in Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital and home to a significant Tibetan exile community. 

Study Tibetan medicine, symbolism, music, art, meditation and retreat. Explore the shamanistic features of the indigenous Tibetan religion, Bön, at an institute halfway up a mountain on the valley’s periphery. Listen to a lecture by an Ayurvedic doctor in the old town. Meet the caretaker of an ancient pagoda shrine. Take a high-altitude trek to isolated Tibetan communities and stay with rural families. Learn Tibetan and traditional Tibetan tutorials characteristic of spiritual training in Buddhist text recitation, and choose to learn Nepali. Conduct independent field study or gain professional skills in an intercultural internship.

Program Type(s):
Study Abroad
Program Length(s):
  • Fall
  • Spring
Instruction Language(s):
  • English
Relevant Study Subject(s):
  • Asian Studies
  • Tibetan Studies
  • Liberal Arts, General Studies
  • Religion / Religious Studies
Minimum GPA:
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