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Financial Aid is available for eligible students. IPSL also accepts AmeriCorps Segal Education awards.PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS PROGRAM IS BEING OFFERED ONLINE UNTIL FRANCE OPENS IT'S BORDERS TO TRAVELERS ONCE AGAIN. Both the online and in-country pro... read more

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Financial Aid is available for eligible students. IPSL also accepts AmeriCorps Segal Education awards.

Both the online and in-country programs are completely customizable, offering various levels of instruction, types of courses, number of classes per week, etc. PLEASE CONTACT IPSL FOR MORE DETAILS.

IPSL’s language program in Lyon and Nice France, offers participants an opportunity to study language and potentially do an internship, preceptorship or volunteer service within the host community. Research opportunities may also be available. What better way to maximize your exposure to the language and culture than through volunteering with locals?!?

The program is completely customizable, which means that YOU create a language program (with IPSL’s assistance) that perfectly suits your interests, needs, goals and budget. 

IPSL has emphasized language learning since 1981 because they know that higher levels of language proficiency can facilitate a more rewarding international experience. Being able to communicate with people in their language increases your ability to make meaning out of the experiences you have while abroad. In addition, merely making the effort to learn someone else's language is a demonstrative way to show people that you care and are interested in who they are and often paves the way to long-lasting friendships. And of course, students need to know at least one other language to compete in today’s global job market. For these reasons and more, IPSL Global Institute at NUNM offers this exceptional Language and Volunteering program in Lyon and Nice, France. 

Benefits include:
• Affordable fee structures 
• Pre-vetted language schools with the highest credentials available 
• Flexible program lengths – from 1 week to 52 weeks (there may be a 4-week minimum for certain internships, preceptorships and volunteer opportunities) 
• Flexible lodging options to fit your taste
• Great opportunity to make new business contacts and friends
• An official transcript and certification for your achieved level of proficiency

With this customizable format, students can add more individualized language instruction and/or specific content areas (Medical, Business, University Entrance Preparation, etc.). These add-on courses are generally offered in the afternoon and evening hours. Other add-ons can include breakfast, half-board, airport transfers, public transportation, travel insurance, excursions, etc. 

Classes start every Monday. (If you want academic credit, each week of instruction is equal to about 1 semester credit so 3 weeks equals a standard 3-credit course)

Program Type(s):
Study Abroad
Intensive Language
Program Length(s):
  • Custom
Instruction Language(s):
  • French
Language Requirement(s):
  • English
Relevant Study Subject(s):
  • French Language, Literature
Minimum GPA:
Year Founded:
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Please call IPSL for details


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