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This special delegation entitled, "Technology for a Young Democracy," will travel to Cape Town and Makhanda, South Africa. Offered in collaboration with Inkululeko, a non-profit organization that helps South African students to fully realize and u... read more

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The experience in South Africa was most definitely a worthwhile experience! I learned that we often focus on this great divide between cultures, but with a little bit of effort, it is not difficult to find and focus on the similarities between cultures also. - Syracuse University View Entire Review
I gained a lot of perspective about my own nation and community. - Syracuse University View Entire Review
I learned so much about the history of South Africa, and how it has deeply impacted the current state of many infrastructures and society. The things we learned were immediately tied to direct experiences we were able to have, making it that much more meaningful and impactful on my learning. I loved that both local citizens as w... - Syracuse University View Entire Review
I truly learned that the purpose of education is to liberate people, fully and respectfully. - Syracuse University View Entire Review
One of the most moving experiences of my young adulthood. Having the opportunity to come to Makhanda and be on such sacred land, interact with the students, and experience life like this... I will never be same. - Syracuse University View Entire Review
A student studying abroad with Global Youth Connect: Cape Town - Technology for a Young Democracy
This program allows you to be fully immersed with the culture and environment you stay. There was a great balance of classroom work and exploration. Learning the language was a big plus, the community is pleased to hear and speak it. I have gained relationships that will last a lifetime and that is what makes this experience wor... - Syracuse University View Entire Review
This experience in South Africa was one of the highlights of my time as an undergraduate student! It was a perfect combination of academic learning, gaining cultural knowledge and awareness, as well as there being enough time for leisure in which we could explore our own interests (food, going to different sites, befriending loc... - Syracuse University View Entire Review
My experience abroad was definitely worthwhile. I made friendships that have already lasted five years, and will be sustained for many more. I had access to lecturers and students at Rhodes University, which helped push my personal research forward. As a testament to my experience, I paid for my own trip to go back to Makhanda a... - Syracuse University View Entire Review


This special delegation entitled, "Technology for a Young Democracy," will travel to Cape Town and Makhanda, South Africa. Offered in collaboration with Inkululeko, a non-profit organization that helps South African students to fully realize and unlock their potential, the program will explore the use of technology in public and private spaces in what the World Bank has termed "the most unequal society on Earth." It aims to assess how technology is being deployed to rectify historical injustices like apartheid and colonialism as well as the role it is playing in the financial sector to promote development in urban and rural South Africa.​

Beginning in Cape Town, participants will meet with activist groups who have been working to bring justice to South Africa since the times of apartheid. They will learn about current events and the underlying causes of the economic struggles and inequality through the lens of history. This grassroots perspective will be augmented by meetings with government officials and leaders in the financial sector charged with implementing the vision of a "new South Africa." Site visits may include: Ernst & Young, IBM, The Learning Trust, Old Mutual Investment Group and The HCI Foundation and offer substantial opportunities for professional development while gaining an insider's perspective of the industry.

The delegation then proceeds to Makhanda (approximately 70,000 people) where participants will be immersed in local culture and have the opportunity to experience daily life in small town. Participants will take Xhosa language lessons, explore a township, meet with local artists and learn about the work of Inkululeko while engaging in purposeful volunteering, tutoring and collaborating on a social enterprise project. Previous projects include:

- Creating tools and systems to maintain sanitary conditions in both the social enterprise and academic space in a community where water is extremely scarce and service delivery is often lacking.
- Working collaboratively with local students on the development of study skills, skills around conflict resolution and creating and maintaining a positive academic atmosphere for all learners.
- Learning how technology can be developed to propel an organization’s mission forward; developing and implementing the Inkululeko app
- Using photovoice as a tool to explore the unique assets of a community and how learners can leverage those assets for their own personal/professional development.

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to join a rich overseas experience and make a difference in the life of a South African youth!

Program Type(s):
Study Abroad
Program Length(s):
  • Summer
  • Short Term
Instruction Language(s):
  • English
Relevant Study Subject(s):
  • African Studies
  • Peace Studies, Conflict Resolution
  • International Relations
  • Political Science and Government
  • History
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