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Forum Europe Summer 2017: 9 Cities in 5 Weeks (Barcelona, Paris, Chamonix (French Alps), Geneva, Lugano (Swiss Alps), Como, Milan, Rome, and Rhodes (Greek Islands)Curriculum Highlights: Multi-country summer program in Europe: Earn 8 credits in the... read more

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A student studying abroad with Forum-Nexus: Traveling - Forum-Nexus Europe Multi-Country
September 25, 2017 This Is Forum Nexus!!
It was 100% worthwhile and I would do it again and again if I could. I learned so much about myself and about every country and culture we visited. I fell in love with traveling and going out of my comfort zone on this trip. - Minnesota State University, Mankato View Entire Review
September 11, 2017 Summer 2017!
This was the greatest experience I have had in college! The staff was amazing, the professional visits are enlightening, and you truly gain International IQ. I learned so much, while also being able to experience everything about each city. The program is flexible in helping you achieve whatever you seek and I would recommend th... - Wayne State University View Entire Review
A student studying abroad with Forum-Nexus: Traveling - Forum-Nexus Europe Multi-Country
September 04, 2017 This Is Forum Nexus!!!!
I gained a wider view of the world and a confidence in myself. I am so glad I had the opportunity to be a part of this program. - Minnesota State University, Moorhead View Entire Review
The experience is unforgettable I learned about European art and architecture and got to see it first hand. I also learned how to travel smartly through several different European countries. - University of Delaware View Entire Review
August 27, 2017 This Is Forum Nexus!
I learned that I definitely do not want to end up in the United States when I go to graduate school or when I start a family. That is a bold statement because that means that this program was literally life changing. This program showed me that there is more out there than my small hometown and I want to experience that. - Ramapo College View Entire Review
A great portal to widen my network and meet people. It helped me broaden my understanding of europe culture and economy. - Cape Breton University View Entire Review
I learned about other cultures and made friends from different parts of the world. View Entire Review
December 07, 2016 Wish I Could Go Again!!!
Deenpreet Dhaliwal · November 18, 2016 I was a part of 2015 FN program and I still constantly think about the amazing experience I had! What I really liked about Forum Nexus is that you can customize the experience to your travel preferences. There is a good variety of class offerings and because the program goes through mult... - University of Washington View Entire Review
November 14, 2016 Best Summer Ever
I gained a lifetime's worth of knowledge while traveling for only 5 weeks. I would say it was well worth my time and money. - Clemson University View Entire Review
I gained some much cultural intelligence and it was definitely worthwhile. - University of North Carolina - Charlotte / UNCC View Entire Review
September 27, 2016 Best Summer Yet!
This past summer I decided to study abroad after my freshman year of college. I was traveling alone and I was a little bit nervous to be in Europe for the first time all by myself. When I first met everyone from Forum Nexus, all my worries instantly went away. I've never met a more welcoming, friendly, and fun group of people. A... - Saint Xavier University View Entire Review
A student studying abroad with Forum-Nexus: Traveling - Forum-Nexus Europe Multi-Country
Attending the Forum Nexus program this summer was the best decision that I made. You get to travel different European cities along with taking classes at renowned universities. Especially for the students who didn't get the chance to study abroad, Forum-Nexus is the best program for them. I got a chance to explore the European ... View Entire Review
A student studying abroad with Forum-Nexus: Traveling - Forum-Nexus Europe Multi-Country
I learned that this world is even more amazing than I had ever dreamed and that this trip would be the first of many foreign adventures for me. I also learned that if I could live out of a small suitcase for over 4 weeks (and never felt like I was doing without), that probably means I don't need 90% of the junk I thought I neede... - DePaul University View Entire Review
September 11, 2017 Best Summer Of My Life
When people ask about my study abroad experience with Forum-Nexus I tell them that it was truly the best summer of my life. When looking into studying abroad program I wanted one with a strong community, interesting classes, the ability to travel and one where people made good friends. This program provided those and so much m... - Ohio University View Entire Review
September 08, 2017 The Best Trip!
Yes, I gained life long friends and cultural experiences that I thought I would never be able to experience! - Quinnipiac University View Entire Review
I learned about 5 different cultures and experienced five different cultures. It was definitely worthwhile. - Florida Gulf Coast University View Entire Review
A student studying abroad with Forum-Nexus: Traveling - Forum-Nexus Europe Multi-Country
I gained knowledge of European history and european culture. I learned how to travel well and successfully. I gained friendships throughout American and I learned the importance of having a global perspective! - University of Arkansas - Fayetteville View Entire Review
I've always liked the idea of traveling, but now I know that I really have a love for it. I gained more confidence in myself to explore unknown places, cultural intelligence, and lifelong friends! - Monmouth University View Entire Review
August 12, 2017 Best Summer Of My Life
My international IQ increased. - University of Arizona View Entire Review
I gained a new respect for people living in different parts of the world. - Robert Morris University View Entire Review
I gained confidence in navigating through foreign cities. And I gained some life long friends (like actually, not being sarcastic). Completely worth it! - Pennsylvania State University - University Park / Penn State View Entire Review
International IQ grew immensely - University of South Carolina - Columbia View Entire Review
September 29, 2016 Phenomenal
I definitely learned how to organize my time and money more. My social skills were incredibly impacted because of the fact I went on this program without knowing anyone. It forced me to come out of my comfort zone. I learned about the cultures of the different cities we visited, my love for travelling grew tremendously after thi... - SUNY - Albany View Entire Review
I learned how to be more culturally aware, more about the EU system, how to be a travel writer, and how to travel the best way possible. I learned so many countless lessons that I'll take with me for the rest of my life. - Southern Methodist University View Entire Review
A student studying abroad with Forum-Nexus: Traveling - Forum-Nexus Europe Multi-Country
Spending my summer with forum-nexus was more than I ever could have dreamed of, honestly. The opportunities that came during and after the trip are seemingly endless. While on this trip, I gained lifelong friends from all around the world who I still talk to weekly and visit. There is nothing like getting connected with busin... - University of Central Arkansas View Entire Review


Forum Europe Summer 2017: 9 Cities in 5 Weeks (Barcelona, Paris, Chamonix (French Alps), Geneva, Lugano (Swiss Alps), Como, Milan, Rome, and Rhodes (Greek Islands)

Curriculum Highlights: Multi-country summer program in Europe: Earn 8 credits in the summer while studying in 9 amazing European cities. Students from the U.S. and other countries travel together (with the professors) taking classes, visiting universities, companies and international organizations. Open to all majors. U.S.-accredited university. Acquire a solid understanding of European culture, economy and society. You will improve your marketability for jobs by greatly increasing your International IQ.

Overview: Forum-Nexus has a track record of 27 years as a leader in multi-country summer programs in Europe for students majoring in Business, International Studies, Communication, Economics, Engineering, Pre-Law and more. 

What makes Forum-Nexus unique? 
• It's a multi-country program, you learn while traveling through Europe, visiting 9 of the most exciting cities
• You share your European experience with top students from all over the world making life-long friendships
• You travel with world-class professors who are always on-site to assist you in achieving the best educational experience
• You visit leading European companies and prominent international organizations and get to interact and network with their executives
• You greatly improve your level of International IQ which helps you become more qualified in the job market

Setting Description:
• The program starts in fabulous Barcelona, one of the most popular cities in Europe. Students will visit leading Spanish and multinational companies and will take classes at the campus of the AACSB-accredited IQS School of Management.

• Optional FN day trip to the charming medieval city of Girona (Game of Thrones!) plus the seaside village of Cadaques (considered the Santorini of Spain and made famous by Salvador Dali). The suggested cities for the independent weekend excursions are Madrid and Berlin.

• From Barcelona, the students and professors travel by high-speed train and private coach to the charming resort town of Chamonix, nestled in the French Alps, surrounded by mountains, lakes, and forests. Classes will be held in the morning in the hotel’s conference center. The afternoons will be free for you to explore the striking beauty of the area and participate in activities such as hiking to the Mer de Glace, one of the biggest glaciers in Europe, or taking the Aiguille du Midi cable car, offering a spectacular view of the snow covered peaks of Mont Blanc. On Wednesday afternoon, after class, there will be an optional FN day trip to the beautiful lakeside city of Annecy, famous for its cobbled streets, winding canals, and pastel-colored houses. 

• After Chamonix we travel to Geneva, Switzerland’s highly cosmopolitan city, where we will visit the European headquarters of the United Nations in the historic Palace of Nations building, an iconic landmark situated in a beautiful park overlooking Lake Geneva.

• From Geneva we travel by high-speed train to Paris, the heart of French culture, politics, and business. In Paris, you can visit the Louvre Museum, the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Arc de Triomphe, and stroll along the banks of the Seine River and the Champs-Elysées. There will also be opportunities to visit important French companies and international organizations. 

Optional FN day trip to the famous castles of the Loire Valley. The suggested cities for the independent weekend excursions are Amsterdam and London.

• From Paris we travel by high-speed train to beautiful Italy: land of enchanting cities, scenic countryside, warm, friendly people, and world-class cuisine. Our first stop is the city of Milan, Italy's proud capital of business, finance, and fashion. The city is famous for the Duomo, one of the grandest Gothic cathedrals in the world, the Castello Sforzesco, a huge medieval castle in the center of town, Leonardo da Vinci’s painting The Last Supper, and the world-class La Scala Opera House. Milan is considered a shopping paradise: the designer district around Via Montenapoleone is home to the flagship stores of Armani, Versace, Moschino, Prada, and many more. Classes will be held in the historic campus of the Universita Cattolica, housed in a 14th century monastery.

• Optional FN day trip to Cinque Terre, featuring the colorful cliff-side town of Manarola. On Sunday, there will be an optional FN-organized day trip to Venice, including a visit to the island of Murano, famous for its glass products. The suggested cities for independent weekend excursions are Florence and Prague.

• After the weekend we will visit the Lake District at the border of Italy and Switzerland. The first stop will be the picturesque lakeside city of Lugano, a popular tourist destination in Switzerland. Besides its natural beauty Lugano is also an important center of banking, business, and higher education. We will visit the pristine campus of Franklin University Switzerland, a U.S.-accredited liberal arts university with a highly international student body.

• From Lugano we continue to the Italian city of Como before returning to Milan. The city has a charming historic center with many piazzas filled with restaurants and cafes, an impressive cathedral, and a very picturesque waterfront on Lake Como. The city built its wealth on the silk industry and it remains Europe's most important producer of silk products.

• From Milan we travel by high-speed train to the eternal city of Rome! You will be able to visit the majestic St. Peter’s Basilica and Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel in Vatican City, as well as the Coliseum, the Spanish Steps, and the Trevi Fountain. There will also be a professional visit to the headquarters of the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization.

• Optional FN day trip to Naples, Pompeii, and the enchanting town of Positano. The suggested cities for the independent weekend excursions are Santorini and Athens. Students choosing this option do not fly back to Rome, but rather fly to Rhodes on Sunday night.

• From Rome we will fly to Rhodes, one of Greece’s most attractive islands. You will stay in a beautiful 5- star beachside resort, attend classes in the resort's conference center, and have the opportunity to visit the charming Old Town, encircled by medieval walls.

• On Tuesday afternoon and evening there will be an optional FN day trip to the hillside village of Lindos.

• On the last day of the program, there will be a festive farewell dinner and diploma ceremony featuring traditional food and music.

Program Value:
• Study and travel across Europe during the summer
• Visit leading multinational and European companies
• Take classes with top professors who will be traveling with you 
• Earn up to 8 credits transferable to your college or university
• Increase your international IQ 
• Expand your world view
• Enhance your resume
• Break out of your academic routine
• Build your network of friends from around the world
• Develop leadership skills
• Create global awareness

Program Type(s):
Study Abroad
Program Length(s):
  • Fall
  • Summer
  • Spring
Instruction Language(s):
  • English
Language Requirement(s):
  • English
Relevant Study Subject(s):
  • Pre-Law Studies
  • Journalism
  • Hospitality Administration
  • Film, Video, Photographic Arts
  • Business Administration and Management
  • Architectural Engineering
Minimum GPA:
Year Founded:
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Forum-Nexus Scholarships

The Forum-Nexus Student Assistantship Program provides students with an opportunity to work as student assistants for Forum-Nexus Study Abroad faculty and staff, and earn a tuition-reduction scholarship. The program involves 150 hours and is completed in five European countries, as part of the one-month itinerary of the Forum Europe Summer Program in the month of July. Student Assistants (SAs) receive a tuition-reduction scholarship of $1,500.

$1,500 tuition reduction


- Applicants must be accepted into the Forum Europe Summer Program, Session A1. - Applicants must have a GPA of 2.8 or higher - Financial need will be taken into account


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