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Welcome to DIS Copenhagen! Study abroad with DIS and pursue a dream summer. Courses with field components and study tours are designed to engage you academically and culturally. Choose from three, four, or seven-week single course options, or mix ... read more

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September 16, 2016 My Review
I feel that I gained insight into Danish cultural identity and have a better understanding of the unique position of Scandinavian countries within Europe. - University of British Columbia View Entire Review
It was worthwhile. - Macalester College View Entire Review
I gained a greater knowledge of the field that I am choosing to pursue after college, and I also learned more about the types of modern research that I want to perform during my undergraduate years. - University of Arkansas - Fayetteville View Entire Review
Yes it was worthwhile - North Carolina State University / NC State View Entire Review
It was definitely worthwhile. I made very good friends with other students from different universities as we explored the depths of Copenhagen. I had the opportunity to travel to other counties and within Denmark. - Purdue University View Entire Review
August 08, 2016 Can I Go Back Now?
I learned how to be more independent than I have ever been. I loved learning about Danish culture and life! - Wake Forest University View Entire Review
It was very worthwhile. It was amazing to have the incredible experience of studying abroad in Denmark. - University of New Hampshire View Entire Review
August 04, 2016 The Place In My Memory
I came into contact with great design that I could only witness in that part of the world, which was amazing. I challenged myself in navigating a whole new city and filling my days with new experiences. I talked with people and made a couple of sweet friendships. It was worthwhile. - The University of Texas at Austin View Entire Review
August 01, 2016 Copenhagen Summer
Learned more about my love for traveling and learning. It was very worthwhile. - Fordham University View Entire Review
I was opened up to new people, culture, landscape, food, and way of life and by the end I wanted to stay forever. - Ohio State University - Columbus View Entire Review
July 26, 2016 Great!
I had an amazing time - University of Michigan - Ann Arbor View Entire Review
July 26, 2016 Immersive
I gained a greater sense of self. I'm more in tune with myself, what my goals are, what my wants are, etc. I'm very grateful to have had this experience. - Purdue University View Entire Review
I can do wonderful things under pressure without anyone to help me. Languages are best learned by immersion. Getting lost in a city is wonderful. - Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis / IUPUI View Entire Review
September 06, 2016 A Really Good Summer
I gained a lot of independence. - Trinity University View Entire Review
A student studying abroad with DIS Copenhagen: Summer
It was definitely a worthwhile experience. I really learned how to push myself out of my comfort zone and I think this experience really helped me solidify who I am. - Indiana University - Bloomington View Entire Review
I gained an appreciation for Danish culture and a greater understanding about the benefits of urban planning and mental health programs. - University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill View Entire Review
I learned that Denmark is perfect and Copenhagen is one of my favorite cities in the world. It was most definitely worth it. - University of Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh View Entire Review
A student studying abroad with DIS Copenhagen: Summer
Studying abroad, especially at DIS, was definitely worthwhile. I got to take interesting courses in a beautiful country with new friends from all over the States. I learned how to navigate living and travelling in a foreign country, stick to a budget, cook for myself, and challenge myself to make the most of my time in Copenhage... - Trinity University View Entire Review
I learned how to travel with ease, how to be open minded to new opportunities, and how to completely relax and enjoy an experience. - Purdue University View Entire Review
I gained a much larger perspective on the differences in culture and how other people live. My life is forever changed by this trip and it was certainly worthwhile - Purdue University View Entire Review
I learned new perspectives on life and how to be more independent. Yes, very worthwhile. - Indiana University - Bloomington View Entire Review
A student studying abroad with DIS Copenhagen: Summer
I learned to be SO much more independent. I got lost almost everyday (I'm not very good with directions) but every day was an adventure. I learned to laugh at my mistakes and look at the good in every day instead of the bad. When I would get lost, I would find something exciting on this new journey instead of becoming anxious ... - Central Michigan University View Entire Review
Studying abroad was worthwhile. Meeting new people has given me a different perspective on the world and has really challenged me to think critically. Traveling with new friends and by myself during the program really helped me strengthen my skill sets, grow as a person and increase my confidence. - Rochester Institute of Technology View Entire Review
I learned how to be flexible when things don't go as you planned, because it is these times that you have the most rewarding experiences. I learned to do what I am afraid of and never say no to new things because you will most certainly get something out of it. - Elon University View Entire Review
I learned how to be a more well-rounded and accepting person. I learned to never say no to new experiences, because some things only come once in a lifetime. - Villanova University View Entire Review


Welcome to DIS Copenhagen! 

Study abroad with DIS and pursue a dream summer. Courses with field components and study tours are designed to engage you academically and culturally. Choose from three, four, or seven-week single course options, or mix and match summer sessions to stay six, seven... up to 10 weeks and up to 12 credits!

DIS is located in the heart of medieval Copenhagen. On your way to class, you will navigate through a network of walking streets, and after class, you can explore squares with outdoor cafes, canals lined with cobblestones and colorful facades, castles surrounded by public gardens, and twisting spires dotting the skyline. 
You will be on the forefront of the New Nordic wave currently reinventing the aesthetics of design, architecture, and food. If you choose to bike to class, you will join the 55% of Copenhageners who commute using well-planned bike lanes. From skate parks to harbor baths, the city holds hidden corners designed for community use.

Copenhagen comes alive in the summer. The city streets and parks buzz with festivals, seasonal markets, cultural events, and outdoor music performances. With 18 hours of daylight, the days are long and filled with activities, and the city is packed with locals to meet. Events of the summer include the Copenhgen Jazz Festival, Roskilde Music Festival, Copenhagen Fashion Week, the open-air Distortion electronica festival, midsummer bonfires celebrating sankthansaften, and the Pride Parade, which make Copenhagen a vibrant place to be. 


  • Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark, and is the hub for politics, business, design, and research sectors  

  • The Danes are highly proficient in English, making it possible to have meaningful conversations with the locals you meet  

  • Denmark is the happiest nation in the world according to the United Nation’s World Happiness Report in 2016 

Program Type(s):
Study Abroad
Program Length(s):
  • Summer
Instruction Language(s):
  • English
Relevant Study Subject(s):
  • Human Development, Family Studies
  • Business
  • Biology and Biomedical Sciences
  • Architecture
  • Psychology
  • Communication and Media Studies
Minimum GPA:
Year Founded:
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DIS - Study Abroad Scholarships

DIS offers several scholarship opportunities. The combined maximum scholarship for any individual student is $5,000 per semester . DIS Scholarship Awarded on the basis of demonstrated financial need (funding up to $5,000 per semester; $250-500 for summer sessions 1, 2, or 3; or up to $1,000 for summer session 4) Diversity Scholarship Awarded to support students from populations that are underrepresented in study abroad including those from diverse ethnic, racial, cultural, sexual orientation, and educational backgrounds including first-generation college students (funding up to $5,000 per semester and up to $250 to $1,000 per summer depending on course/program selection)

Contact DIS

Fall: April 1 Spring: October 1 Summer: March 1

1. Sections 1-3 of the application, completed including a personal statement written by you, the student. 2. Your most recent available FAFSA Student Aid Report, and your school’s Financial Aid Award notification summary. 3. Optional but recommended: a recommendation from your home university advisor. 4. Optional: your parents’ most recent tax statements, if you are claimed as a dependent.

Anders Uhrskov was the Director of DIS for 27 years and was dedicated to developing global leaders of tomorrow through education abroad. The Anders Uhrskov Leadership Scholarship is a merit-based scholarship established to award students who have demonstrated leadership on their college campuses at home and who are dedicated to enhancing and building upon their global leadership and critical thinking skills while spending a semester or summer abroad with DIS. Up to $10,000 will be awarded to one semester student and up to $5,000 to one summer student studying for six weeks or more.


March 1st (summer), April 1st (fall/year), or October 1st (spring)

Applicants must submit the following via email to dis@umn.edu with the subject line “Anders Uhrskov Leadership Scholarship Application." Please include the following information in your email: Name Major Home university Semester or summer of enrollment at DIS (e.g. spring semester 2015) Program of enrollment at DIS (e.g. Justice & Human Rights) Personal statement no more than three (3) pages in length, addressing all of the following questions: What inspired you to become a leader, and how do you inspire others? How have you demonstrated leadership on your home campus and in your community? What is a global leader and how will your experiences abroad develop your leadership skills? How will you apply your leadership skills at DIS? At least one letter of recommendation from an advisor, faculty member, coach, students affairs/leadership professional or other university administrator with whom you have worked as a student leader. Recommendation must be on university letterhead and attached to your email along with your personal statement.


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