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Wellesley students may select from more than 150 pre-approved programs of study. Select the "Pre-approved Programs" tab to see the full list. Programs featured in the side-bar may or may not be approved for Wellesley students. When in doubt, please contact the Office of International Study at ois@wellesley.edu.

Important Dates and Deadlines

All Wellesley students who intend to study abroad during the 2013-14 academic year (fall and/or spring) must declare a major and submit a Proposal to Study Away by December 1, 2012. Please refer to the Office of International Study website (www.wellesley.edu/OIS/) for details.

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03/26/2015 Fantastic Freiburg! IES Abroad: Freiburg - European Union Program

"I really enjoyed the program. Freiburg is a great place. You will learn so much about German culture - it's a great immersion experience. Although in order to enhance your German, you must take the personal initiative and practice with locals. Classes were not difficult, but the course material was very interesting. Traveli..."

A student - Wellesley College
03/26/2015 An Incredible Way To Experience London University College London (UCL): London - Direct Enrollment & Exchange

"I learned how to adapt to a new environment and a new way of learning. "

Abby E - Wellesley College
03/25/2015 Great, Life Changing Experience SIT Study Abroad: Traveling - International Honors Program / IHP, Health and Community

"It was worthwhile - I learnt to take things as they come "

A student - Wellesley College
03/25/2015 The Best Crumbling Ruins And Piles Of Rocks You Will Ever See ICCS / Centro: Rome - The Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Rome

"I learned that I do indeed like classical studies! Be warned: this is not for the student who wants to see modern Italy and who only has a passing interest in classics. This is like classics boot camp. Some days you will be out for 8-10 hours, climbing over rocks and taking notes in the pouring rain. That said, I'd do it again i..."

A student - Wellesley College
03/23/2015 London: Where I Learned To Love Myself And The World Around Me University College London (UCL): London - Direct Enrollment & Exchange

"I really really really loved London it was such a great city filled with amazing people and things to do. I did not really like my experience at UCL, I wish I had chosen a different university. The classes were a bit too heavy/boring in my department and a lot of classes at too many American study abroad students. "

A student - Wellesley College
03/20/2015 University Of Manchester Review University of Manchester: Manchester - Direct Enrollment & Exchange

"A learned much about British culture; I was able to travel around the UK; I learned a lot about living independently"

A student - Wellesley College
03/20/2015 When A Woman Tires Of London, She Tires Of Life University College London (UCL): London - Direct Enrollment & Exchange

"Attending UCL allowed me the opportunity to experience higher education in a very different context -- large school, urban setting, and different country. I learned from leading experts in my fields of interest and had the opportunity to conduct research with graduate students. I also learned about budgeting, time management, pr..."

Kily W - Wellesley College
03/20/2015 Complicated And Rose Colored SIT Study Abroad: India - Health & Human Rights

"It was worthwhile. I am still too close to it to suss out what I learned, but I am certain it was worthwhile. "

A student - Wellesley College
03/20/2015 Best Semester Ever Smith College: Geneva - Smith in Geneva

"Internship experience, new friends, got a chance to practice a foreign language, visited amazing places. It was definitely worthwhile."

A student - Wellesley College
03/20/2015 Awesome Overall With A Few Concerns CIEE: Amman - Language and Culture

"I learned a lot of language skills, which was my primary reason for going abroad, and I made a lot of friends who are interested in the same kinds of things as I am that I will definitely keep in touch with. "

A student - Wellesley College
03/20/2015 Highly Recommend Studying Abroad In London! King's College London: London - Direct Enrollment & Exchange

"Overall, I think it was definitely a worthwhile experience. London is a fantastic city for college students. "

A student - Wellesley College
03/17/2015 Full College Year in Athens: Athens - CYA

"I learned how to put myself in an uncomfortable environment and how to make myself uncomfortable. It was definitely worthwhile."

A student - Wellesley College
03/17/2015 Amazing Experience With Jyf! Sweet Briar College: JYF in Paris and Nice

"I learned a lot about myself and my independence. I would without a doubt say that my abroad experience was worthwhile. "

A student - Wellesley College
03/05/2015 Wish I Was Still There A Trip To Budabest Aquincum Institute of Technology / AIT - Budapest: - Creativity in Computer Science & Software Engineering

"Learned how to live on my own in a big city. Definitely worthwhile, made great friends, got to know a new culture. Budapest is great. "

A student - Wellesley College
02/26/2015 Learning Through Experience SIT Study Abroad: Vietnam - Culture, Social Change, & Development

"I learned a lot about the complex history and culture of Vietnam, and the struggles of a country going through rapid transition."

A student - Wellesley College
02/23/2015 Independent Learning/Exploration University College London (UCL): London - Direct Enrollment & Exchange

"I gained an experience in independent living and got the chance to explore London and other European cities/countries on my own terms. It was definitely worthwhile, and I would recommend this experience to people interested in getting a more independent experience not dictated by a program or their home university."

A student - Wellesley College
02/19/2015 An Adventure That I Would Have On Repeat! CIEE: Dakar - Development Studies in Senegal

"I would say that my experience was worthwhile; there is nothing I can imagine trading it for. My perspective on myself and on people and on life has changed, in ways that I cannot voice and that I do not yet know the effect of. I just know that I am grateful, and Dakar will always have a special place in my heart. "

A student - Wellesley College
02/19/2015 Loved It DIS - Danish Institute for Study Abroad: Copenhagen - Various Programs

"I love to travel, I am extremely capable when completely on my own and work well when completely independent."

A student - Wellesley College
02/15/2015 My Happiest Semester In College (+Math) BSM: Budapest - Budapest Semesters in Mathematics

"Absolutely. I loved being in a program of all mathematicians, and realized that I want to go to grad school for math."

A student - Wellesley College
02/12/2015 My New Home DIS - Danish Institute for Study Abroad: Copenhagen: Summer Study Abroad in Denmark

"It was definitely worth it! I was only supposed to stay a semester but I ended up staying the year."

A student - Wellesley College
02/11/2015 Best Experience For Real Integration Internships in Francophone Europe (IFE): Multiple - Field Study and Internship Program

"I was able to take very interesting classes that gave me a good introduction to French society that was complemented with an internship that was relevant to my field of study. I made some really good friends, and was able to live in an environment which made me truly appreciate Paris. "

Pauline D - Wellesley College
02/09/2015 India Makes You Question Everything You've Ever Known About Yourself SIT Study Abroad: India - Health & Human Rights

"It was worthwhile. I think that the fact that I knew so much about the culture before arriving made my experience all the more worthwhile. I learned so much about myself and the culture. "

A student - Wellesley College
02/09/2015 An Invigorating Semester In Beautiful Copenhagen! DIS - Danish Institute for Study Abroad: Copenhagen - Various Programs

"Apart from the excellent courses, I learned a lot about myself, which I think is what made it worthwhile. My biggest challenge surprisingly was maintaining a social life, because I didn't meet anyone from my cultural or religious background who enjoyed doing the same things for leisure as me - I don't like to drink and party, wh..."

A student - Wellesley College
02/08/2015 An Unforgettable Experience Wellesley College: Aix-en-Provence - Wellesley-in-Aix

"I was challenged in ways I wasn't otherwise at Wellesley: by language barriers, cultural barriers, travel logistics, safety concerns, social challenges, time zones, and scheduling. All of these challenges forced me to grow and mature much faster than I otherwise would during a semester at Wellesley."

A student - Wellesley College