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03/26/2015 It Was An Amazing Educational And Cultural Experience That I Will Never Forget. Regent’s University London: Direct Enrollment & Exchange

"I made some wonderful lifetime friends and learned so much more about European cultures through travel. It was definitely worthwhile."

jessamin.cipollina - Pace University
03/14/2015 The Biggest Little Trip To Grow As A Person! Regent’s University London: Direct Enrollment & Exchange

"Having been to London before, and lived in England for a year, I learned more about being an adult and how to take care of myself. I was going to school, but I was paying my bills, commuting about an hour each day, and was holding myself to a level of punctuality that made me responsible for everything I did (with no safety net)..."

Peter C - Pace University
02/17/2015 My Favorite Semester Of College So Far SUNY Albany: London - Study Abroad at Regent's University London, American College London

"I learned a lot about myself living in a new country and became passionate about traveling and new cultures "

Carlie R - Pace University
09/15/2014 Can I Go Back? The Education Abroad Network ( TEAN ): Shanghai - Fudan University

"It's hard to summarize everything I learned during the semester! Basically I discovered a new culture, met friends from around the world, discovered a lot of things about myself, traveled around China, discovered street Chinese food, took great classes that highlighted Asia as a region, quite understood cultural differences betw..."

Amandine T - Pace University
12/13/2013 A Sweet As Experience ISA Study Abroad in Dunedin, New Zealand

"I don't think I've ever done anything more worthwhile. I learned so much about myself and the world around me on this program. "

nikki.fabrizio - Pace University
11/24/2013 It Was A Very Enjoyable Experience SAI Programs: Sorrento - Sant'Anna Institute

"I learned too much to write in this box. "

knnthskr369 - Pace University
06/27/2013 Great To Be In Israel But Haifa Wasn't What I Was Hoping For University of Haifa: Haifa - Direct Enrollment & Exchange

"Being abroad was very worthwhile but the program wasn't. I recommend Tel-Aviv. "

Asia M - Pace University
06/13/2013 Lauren's Great Adventure =) SAI Programs: Rome - John Cabot University

"Trust yourself. You can explore anything and everything. Just GO! YES it was worthwhile!! "

A student - Pace University
08/14/2012 Invigorating London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art: London - Direct Enrollment & Exchange

"I increased my knowledge of my craft and gained valuable insight into Shakespearean technique. It was incredibly worthwhile."

A student - Pace University
08/09/2012 A Great Year In Paris AIFS: Paris - Cours de Civilisation Française de la Sorbonne

"I learned a ton of French and met some wonderful people that I can't wait to see again. It was great to not just see, but really experience a different culture, and I was lucky enough to travel to other nearby countries which only increased the experience. "

A student - Pace University
08/07/2012 Amazing CEA: French Riviera, France

"It will forever be the most amazing experience of my life, and the people i met along the way made it that much better. I couldnt have asked for a better group, a better place to be or a better program"

A student - Pace University
07/28/2012 Lamda Is British Theater Heaven! London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art: London - Direct Enrollment & Exchange

"I learned a lot about myself and about my art. It was so very worthwile! I am so glad that I chose LAMDA."

A student - Pace University
07/27/2012 The Absolute Best Year Of My Life API (Academic Programs International): Cork - National University Of Ireland, University College Cork

"I gained cultural knowledge, lasting friendships, an appreciation for beer, and a complete change of personal attitude. "

mariah r - Pace University
07/23/2012 Studying Aboard In Rome: A Life Changing Experience CEA: Rome, Italy

"What I enjoyed the most was being able to travel to different countries and although everything was so close the culture changes so much. Being aboard was so different from anything I've experienced so it gave me the opportunity to learn more about myself and become more independent."

Daniela C - Pace University
07/19/2012 An Amazing Opportunity Semester at Sea: Traveling - Semester at Sea

"Seeing all of these amazing places is truly unbelievable. I have a better perspective of my position in the world."

A student - Pace University
07/13/2012 Great Hisory, Less Great Future MICEFA: Paris - Study Abroad at University of Paris - Sorbonne

"Very worthwhile. Paris has great history and architecture/culture/museums. But the Parisians are not the greatest. They have recently voted in a Socialist President, which will only assist the lack of care given by most parisians."

A student - Pace University
07/09/2012 London: Everything You Could Want And More Regent’s University London: Direct Enrollment & Exchange

"The experience was most definitely worth it, I have always wanted to study abroad and finally doing so was a dream come true."

Katie D - Pace University
07/06/2012 Incredible University College Cork: Cork - Direct Enrollment & Exchange

"It was amazing. I learned so much about other cultures from traveling, I learned a lot about myself, and I think the experience was absolutely worthwhile from all that I've gained from my time in Ireland."

A student - Pace University
07/04/2012 Amazing Adventures In Argentina! ISA Study Abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina

"I learned to trust more in my own abilities, and I definitely improved my Spanish. And of COURSE it was worthwhile!"

Caragh_6300 - Pace University
07/02/2012 Outof This World Regent’s University London: Direct Enrollment & Exchange

"It was fantastic. I've learned not to take anything for granted and truly cherish the opportunities and experiences I've been so fortunate to explore. "

A student - Pace University
06/29/2012 No, Trust Me, Florence Is Better SAI Programs: Florence - Florence University of the Arts

"The greatest lasting impact was philosophical- I considered myself a fairly global citizen beforehand, but bargaining for veggies in the San Lorenzo Market and drifting down the canals of Venice opened universes for me. "

A student - Pace University
06/29/2012 The Bridge Hong Kong Baptist University: Hong Kong - Direct Enrollment & Exchange

"I gained a greater Chinese language skill. I've explored the land. I've made great friends. This program is something that I'm glad that I did. "

Bradley M - Pace University
06/28/2012 Experience Australia University of Technology - Sydney (UTS): Sydney - Direct Enrollment & Exchange

"I learned a ton, I made a lot of new friends, I loved playing Ultimate on the UTS team. I went to Uni games. Overall I had a very unique experience here and I loved it. It was a great experience. "

chris.levine1 - Pace University
06/22/2012 Living Next To The British Museum SOAS, University of London: London - Direct Enrollment & Exchange

"I gained so much personally. It was very worthwhile, but next time I plan on going somewhere else. "

A student - Pace University
06/20/2012 Great Craic! (Aka An Absolutely Amazing Time!) University College Cork: Cork - Direct Enrollment & Exchange

"It was definitely worthwhile. Studying in Ireland was amazing because of the great people that I met there and the time that we spent together. We were also able to travel a lot which was amazing, especially during our study month in April."

MICHELLE G - Pace University