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Barnard has a rich history and tradition of study abroad dating back to the 1930s. Today, students study abroad in more than 35 countries, from Australia to Tibet. This site details the opportunities available, online resources, and procedures to apply. Please review the information on the website before meeting with the Dean for Study Abroad.

One of the best ways to learn more about what study abroad can offer you academically and personally is from other Barnard students who have studied abroad or who are currently abroad. We invite you to link to reach out to Barnard students who have studied abroad to ask questions about their experience and research which program is right for you.

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08/27/2015 A Magnificent City That I Wish I Had More Time To Explore! American University Center of Provence (AUCP): Aix-en-Provence - Summer in Provence

"My experience was one I will never forget, and I would recommend studying abroad to anyone with a passion for traveling or language."

Nicole S - Barnard College
03/21/2015 Amazing! New York University: Madrid - NYU in Madrid

"Definitely a worthwhile experience-- I think going abroad is an amazing opportunity that every college student should take advantage of. I improved my spanish skills in a way that's not possible to do in the classroom. I also became familiar with a different culture. I cannot wait to return to Europe and possibly live there in t..."

A student - Barnard College
03/20/2015 The Highest Highs & The Lowest Lows! IES Abroad: Delhi - IES Abroad Center

"I think that if you go into the situation with no expectations, and are ready to embrace whatever is about to come your way, then your experience will be incredible. Those who left the program disappointed were those who came in with high or unrealistic expectations. I learned so much both inside and outside the classroom, but t..."

aly.gideon - Barnard College
03/01/2015 Falling In Love With Durban SIT Study Abroad: South Africa - Social & Political Transformation

"I wish I could do it again. Everything was incredible."

Romi M - Barnard College
02/28/2015 Amazing Multi City Journey Awaits You! SIT Study Abroad: Traveling - International Honors Program / IHP, Cities in the 21st Century

"How to be an independent traveler, how to work with others efficiently YES "

Cinneah E - Barnard College
02/28/2015 An Enjoyable Experience That Gave Me A Different Perspective Sweet Briar College: JYS in Seville

"It was definitely worthwhile - I gained Spanish language skills, learned about the history and culture of Spain, was pushed to reflect and think about issues I may not encounter in my life at school in the U.S., and I gained experience with independent traveling. "

A student - Barnard College
02/20/2015 Hard Work But Worth It Columbia University: Paris - Reid Hall

"Better hold on french and a lot of independence. Also a lot of frustration with the university administration in Paris."

A student - Barnard College
02/12/2015 Not My City CIEE: Barcelona - Advanced Liberal Arts

"Absolutely worthwhile. I learned so much about myself just spending that much time alone and by being forced to use a second language to communicate and travel solo. I really dislike the city, the culture and the people there, but it was so valuable regardless. "

A student - Barnard College
02/07/2015 A Wonderful Time In A Wonderful And Enchanting City CIEE: Seville - Advanced Liberal Arts

"I learned all about different cultures and I got a lot better at Spanish. Very worthwhile."

A student - Barnard College
02/07/2015 Great People, Disorganized Program King's College London: London - Direct Enrollment & Exchange

"Learned a sense of independence in a new city - confidence to ask for help when I need it. Gained ability to speak with people from an international background"

emily.harris.547 - Barnard College
02/06/2015 Studying Abroad Made Me A More Passionate And Proactive Individual! DIS - Study Abroad in Scandinavia: Copenhagen - Various Programs

"First and foremost, I learned how to be a self-starter. Your study abroad experience--such as how many new people you meet, how many places you travel to, and how much you learn about a new culture--is dependent on how proactive you are. While studying abroad fine-tuned my ability to live independently, I more greatly value my k..."

A student - Barnard College
02/06/2015 A Lot Of Fun CIEE: Prague - Central European Studies

"Absolutely, I learned how to be more independent "

A student - Barnard College
02/06/2015 Amazing, Integrated Experience University College London (UCL): London - Direct Enrollment & Exchange

"I fell in love with London and learned so much by being at a British university with such different academics. It was definitely worthwhile and made me want to move to London after college. "

A student - Barnard College
02/06/2015 Edinburgh A Medieval Fairytale University of Edinburgh: Edinburgh - Direct Enrollment & Exchange

"That I want to do a post-grad program at Edinburgh Uni! "

Hannah W - Barnard College
02/06/2015 A Spectacular Semester Columbia University: Paris - Reid Hall

"It was worthwhile because I got to experience and learn more about the Parisian and French culture. "

A student - Barnard College
01/30/2015 Once In A Lifetime Experience In One Of The Most Unique Cities In The World. SIT Study Abroad: Chile - Cultural Identity, Social Justice, & Community Development

"Absolutely worthwhile! Learned so many life skills and how to juggle everything that it throws at you. "

A student - Barnard College
09/23/2014 Best Time Of My Life ISA Study Abroad in Barcelona, Spain

"It was literally the best thing I have ever done. I fell in love with every aspect of Barcelona from the people, the architecture, museums, beaches, streets ,food, nightlife, to cafes. It was just so incredible. I got extremely lucky with a small program of 25 amazing people and we all got really close. I made really incredible ..."

Sara L - Barnard College
09/09/2014 A Place Close To My Heart SIT Study Abroad: Madagascar - Traditional Medicine and Health Care Systems - Summer

"As an anthro major, I'm happy that I developed field work skills and produced research that I am proud of. Before I left, I was afraid to work too outside of my comfort zone, but going abroad made me realize my "comfort zone" is really much more flexible than I thought. Also, Madagascar developed as a serious area of academi..."

Gabrielle R - Barnard College
09/05/2014 The Most Exotic, Adventurous, And Surreal Experience I've Ever Had In My Life. Emory University: Dharamsala - Tibet Mind-Body Experience, Summer Program

"I became a Himalayan mountain hiker, very much a novice in the Tibetan language, a curiously driven intellectual and passionately broad-minded globe trotter, a cultural and spiritual Tibetan Buddhist enthusiast. I have seen and done things many people will never ever get a chance to do, ever, in their life. My study abroad prog..."

A student - Barnard College
09/04/2014 Great Trip! Worthwhile And An Awesome Experience Columbia University: Shanghai - Summer Business Chinese and Internship Program

"I learned to be more independent and step out of my comfort zone. The best part was the internship because I learned so much about myself, what career I want to pursue in the future, and gained a deeper understanding of Chinese culture. It was definitely a great 10 weeks spent in Shanghai. "

A student - Barnard College
09/02/2014 "Ich Bin Ein Berliner" Columbia University: Berlin - Berlin Consortium for German Studies / BCGS Program

"Going abroad was the best experience I have ever had!! It was a challenge, especially as a Neuroscience Major, but with enough credits and determination, it is most certainly doable. "

A student - Barnard College
09/02/2014 A Fun, Once In A Lifetime Summer In Prague USAC: Prague, Czech Republic - Politics, Culture and Art Studies

"Definitely worthwhile! Gained a broader knowledge of international cultures and social issues. "

A student - Barnard College
09/02/2014 Wonderful Summer Experience Columbia University: Paris - Reid Hall

"Use the foreign language"

A student - Barnard College
07/24/2014 Gaining Independence In A Foreign Country Sarah Lawrence in Florence

"I learned another language and the ability to interact with another culture. I met new people and learned how to be independent and provide for myself on an emotional level. It was worthwhile because it was a surge of growth and access to knowledge. "

A student - Barnard College
07/08/2014 I Didn´T Want To Come Home Yet! Sarah Lawrence College: Havana - Sarah Lawrence College in Cuba

"It was an amazing experience in Cuba, however personally I would have preferred not being with other American students. I enjoy being in place alone more than with a giant group. However, Cuba was an amazing place to live in, full of amazing people and experiences, and ultimately gave me a lot of perspective on both Cuban cultur..."

A student - Barnard College