University of Georgia: Cortona - Lamar Dodd School of Art

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A student studying abroad with University of Georgia: Cortona - Lamar Dodd School of Art
I learned that I miss more than I gain by living life like a rat race. The Italians know how to enjoy life in a way that Americans never learn. I really hope that I can bring some semblance of that peace to my life in the States. A student - Trinity University
January 06, 2014 Cortona
Knowledge of another culture, what it's like to live in a culture different from the one you are accustomed to. It was worthwhile. A student - University of Hartford
December 06, 2012 Home
I gained a ton of knowledge, and I had the time of my life, I can't wait to go back. A student - University of Hartford
January 06, 2012 Cortona!
absolutely! Danielle E - Wellesley College
A student studying abroad with University of Georgia: Cortona - Lamar Dodd School of Art
I can't say enough how great this program was. I think about it everyday and I wish that more people knew about it and applied. I don't make sense to me why someone wouldn't do it had they the chance. I am so grateful of the time I shared with the people on this trip and I miss all the friends and faculty I made and I plan on... Kathryn L - University of Hartford
I learned about another lifestyle and gained artistic skills in other fields. It was worthwhile except that it set me far back in credits. A student - University of Hartford
December 15, 2012 Life Changing
i learned how other people, in a completely different culture live, and i was a part for that way of living for a few months of my life. and i've brought back a little of that italian way of living with me home to the states. it really put how i want to live my life into perspective. Kimberly M - University of Hartford
A student studying abroad with University of Georgia: Cortona - Lamar Dodd School of Art
Nothing has affected my life as strongly as this program has. The people I met there are now life long friends. The professors were more than teachers. they were intellectual peers. This trip also helped me to learn to travel on my own. Perrine L - University of Hartford
Past Review Ciao, Cortona!
...Words can't really describe how amazing this experience was. For one thing, it made me lose my fear of trying new things and forced me to be spontaneous in every barrier that came my way. I think I also got the travel bug from this. Erica L - University of Hartford
Yes of course! I've never been out of the country before and this experience makes me want to travel all over the world! Bridget M - University of Hartford


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