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SAI's program at Florence University of the Arts (FUA) presents a fresh and contemporary approach to Liberal Arts education, along with an extensive curriculum in Studio Arts. With small classes taught by an international faculty, every course aim... read more

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I gained insight into how the world actually is versus what we read about on the internet or see on TV. It's even more wonderful than we could imagine and this experience will stick with me for the rest of my life. Caleb C - Missouri State University
June 05, 2014 Go Go Go!
Now I want to travel all over the world. Learned how to "go with the flow" not take everything too seriously. Alexandra K - Baylor University
Studying abroad was the best decision I have ever made in my life. Not exaggerating Michelle D - Florence University of the Arts
I reaffirmed my goal to be an artist. I learned how to achieve that goal. Mario A - Austin College
December 30, 2013 Sun, Gelato, And Italy
among other things, I gained the ability to find my limits and surpass them. It was definitely worthwhile, and i can say that my only regret is that i didn't stay longer, and maybe even forever. A student - Austin College
January 23, 2013 Fun In Florence
I learned how to explore the world and take chances in new surroundings. EmilyM - Providence College
September 05, 2012 A Tuscan Dream.
That I can live any where and be fine. But I already knew that. I had fun any way! A student - Austin College
I have learned how to adapt to my surroundings well and make many friends in unknowing situations. Traci B - University of Texas - Arlington
I learned the material from the courses I took, however, I feel that in a semester abroad the things you learn from books are never as important as the things you learn outside of the classroom. Of course it was worthwhile, and there aren't really words to explain exactly what I have learned or gained from my experience, but I ... A student - Austin College
The greatest lasting impact was philosophical- I considered myself a fairly global citizen beforehand, but bargaining for veggies in the San Lorenzo Market and drifting down the canals of Venice opened universes for me. A student - Pace University
Too much to say!! Amazing friends and experiences-- Can't put in to words what it was like to start fulfilling the dream of seeing the world. A student - University of South Carolina - Columbia
I could speak forever about how worthwhile my two trips abroad have been. I wish I could've stayed forever, and it's only a matter of time before I figure out the next way I can get back there. I have gained life-long friends from all over Europe and all over America that I made wonderful memories with. I gained knowledge about... Kelsie S - University of South Carolina - Columbia
I loved Italy so much that I have concidered finding a way to move there and become a citizen. It is very nice to live in a place that is not so commercial, where you can buy produce that is actually fresh and ripe, and the family is more important than work. It has shown me that the whole world is not the same, and that piece... Melissa M - Florence University of the Arts
November 18, 2014 A Summer Of Adventure!
It was definitely worthwhile! I was put out of my comfort zone, and ended up having an amazing experience in a place rich with culture, with the most amazing people! Tori S - California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
I learned that there is a whole world out there and I cannot wait to see the rest of it. I have made some of the best friends and miss the experience every single day. Katie S - Harrington College of Design
A student studying abroad with SAI Programs: Florence - Florence University of the Arts
I gained international knowledge on every level of life (education, culture, attitude). I also discovered myself in a light that wouldn't have been shed on me had I not taken the opportunity. I made international friends, and friends from my school that I would never have hung out with if we weren't forced together by some mirac... Luke Z - University of Missouri - Columbia
I learned so much about the locals and culture. But I really learned a lot about myself, as far as my strengths and weaknesses go. Being outside of your comfort zone forces you to confront those issues head on. Shelbie M - Austin College
May 21, 2013 Memorable
There were ups and downs during my trip but all-in-all, it was an amazing experience. I would definitly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn about the Renaissance since Florence is where it all started. Also, Florence is pretty central so you can get to most places in Italy for a reasonable price, but traveling to other cou... A student - Austin College
I learned so much about other cultures and ways of lives throughout Europe, everything I did was most definitely worthwhile - Lehigh University
I loved becoming more and more like a local and speaking the language was amazing. The people there are so sweet and interesting. I learned that the world is a big place full of different people and cultures who will change you forever. Every person I spoke to impacted me, the culture changed me and I don't think about things bl... A student - University of Arkansas - Fayetteville
July 31, 2012 Amazing
I learned to become a bit more independent, and to see how other cultures live. Definitely worth it A student - Indiana University - Bloomington
June 30, 2012 Italia With Sai
Yes, it was definitely worthwhile to go abroad and I recommend it to everyone! emily.neuman.5 - University of Arkansas - Fayetteville
It was absolutely worthwhile, it was the time of my life. A student - Indiana University - Bloomington
I gained a sense of independence and self-reliance that you can't get from staying in the U.S. No matter how far away your home is from your home school, it is easy to call mom or dad and figure it out. In Italy, there are obstacles in the way and overcoming them will make you stronger person. Patrick S - University of South Carolina - Columbia
May 22, 2012 La Dolce Vita
I gained so much. I have learned so much about myself and so much about the world. It was definitely worthwhile and everyone should go abroad if they have the chance. U4d66b1b5c3691 - Austin College


SAI's program at Florence University of the Arts (FUA) presents a fresh and contemporary approach to Liberal Arts education, along with an extensive curriculum in Studio Arts. With small classes taught by an international faculty, every course aims to enhance the social, intercultural and professional experience of each student. The faculty combines innovative curriculum and collaborative teaching methods to create a unique, hands-on educational experience. Students are also encouraged to immerse themselves in a range of enriching extra-curricular activates, including intramural sports, volunteer projects, cross-cultural exchange events and theatrical performances. At FUA students have the chance to learn with world-class instructors, while engaging with one of the world's treasured cultural centers.

The beauty and wealth of Florence have attracted visitors throughout the ages, from the Roman Era to modern times. Though Florence is an ancient city, the focal point today is the art and architecture of the Renaissance period. No other city in Europe reflects the birth and development of modern society more than Florence, through its exquisite examples of art and architecture. The streets of Florence still ring with the vibrant culture that began over 600 years ago; the city center has changed little, combining the elegance and quality of the Renaissance style with a stunning blend of modern design. The lush hills and mountains of Tuscany surround the city, offering themselves for exploration on afternoons or weekends.

Though Florence has a rich history, today it is an important center for contemporary art, fashion design, graphics and business. We invite you to experience this contrast of past and present with other students from around the world that come to study in Florence.

Program Type(s):
Study Abroad
Program Length(s):
  • Academic Year
  • Fall
  • January Term
  • Maymester
  • Short Term
  • Spring
  • Summer
Instruction Language(s):
  • English
Relevant Study Subject(s):
  • Drama, Theatre Arts
  • Liberal Arts, General Studies
  • Apparel and Textiles
  • Architect
  • Communication, Journalism, and Related Programs
  • Fine Arts, Studio Arts
  • International Business
  • Journalism
Minimum GPA:
Year Founded:
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