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What Pembroke and King's has to offer<br><br>- Challenging academics at one of the best universities in the world<br>- Summer program designed for international students but taught by regular Cambridge faculty<br>- Students choose between full eig... read more

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I learned about how a seemingly similar country can be so different. I learned that the UK is much different from the USA, in many more ways than the change in accent! (The people, the climate, the politics, the economy, the culture, etc.) - Brandeis University
It was absolutely amazing. I already miss it and it's been less than 2 weeks since the program ended. It's so much fun and I learn so much about things I assume. In England, internet is NOT everywhere, there's not even internet in Starbucks, the only place with free wi-fi is McDonald's. Also there's a 1 GB bandwidth limit on int... - Brandeis University


What Pembroke and King's has to offer

- Challenging academics at one of the best universities in the world
- Summer program designed for international students but taught by regular Cambridge faculty
- Students choose between full eight-week program or four-week tracks in International Security and Intelligence or Creative Writing
- Variety of activities and excursions organized by resident advisors and teaching assistants
- Easy access to all that Cambridge has to offer, including punting (boating), sports, barbecues and visits to restaurants, pubs, theatres, cinemas and art galleries
-  Students on the eight-week program have a day trip to London to see a production at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre and visit museums and galleries
-  The eight-week program includes a four-day trip to Edinburgh, with dinner on the first night, transportation and accommodation at a bed and breakfast

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  • Summer
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04/23/14 - Liza
Barcelona – week 15
I should title this post “Stockholm- week 15,” but I figured I would stay with the pattern. Also, unfortunately, the system wouldn’t let me upload pictures to this blog, so I apologize for the lack of visuals. Stockholm was everything I dreamed it would be and more. What a beautiful city! I stayed with family […]
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04/22/14 - Caroline
Break it down
Dear America, Something about my crashing computer and twitchy left eye told me it was about time for an academic break. Thankfully Sydney Uni agreed and has graciously granted its students a week off to recharge our batteries before the final end-of-semester push. So here I am, at 2:00pm on a Tuesday, wearing sweatpants for […]
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04/21/14 - Danielle
A fire in the Night
An empty tea cup, resting on a pile of rubble. An overturned doghouse, a charred remembrance of a family pet perhaps now dead, left behind, wandering. A pile of twisted and ashy tin, houses no more. Trash, to to picked up in the aftermath of the fire that started way up high, shining along the […]
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Hi all, and welcome to Part Two of my Iguazú (I missed the accent on all spellings of this word in the first post.  Lo siento mucho) reflections.  Since this is my second part, I’m going to write not ONE but TWO short-story type reflections (oh boy oh boy!).  One will be about a birdwatching […]
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Kia Ora! So I am currently a week into my three week Easter break and wow has it been an adventure already! Last Saturday (April 12th) I set off for Blenheim, a sleepy little town known for its wineries in the northern part of South Island. It was one of my friend’s 21st birthday so […]
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