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What Pembroke and King's has to offer<br><br>- Challenging academics at one of the best universities in the world<br>- Summer program designed for international students but taught by regular Cambridge faculty<br>- Students choose between full eig... read more

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I learned about how a seemingly similar country can be so different. I learned that the UK is much different from the USA, in many more ways than the change in accent! (The people, the climate, the politics, the economy, the culture, etc.) - Brandeis University
It was absolutely amazing. I already miss it and it's been less than 2 weeks since the program ended. It's so much fun and I learn so much about things I assume. In England, internet is NOT everywhere, there's not even internet in Starbucks, the only place with free wi-fi is McDonald's. Also there's a 1 GB bandwidth limit on int... - Brandeis University


What Pembroke and King's has to offer

- Challenging academics at one of the best universities in the world
- Summer program designed for international students but taught by regular Cambridge faculty
- Students choose between full eight-week program or four-week tracks in International Security and Intelligence or Creative Writing
- Variety of activities and excursions organized by resident advisors and teaching assistants
- Easy access to all that Cambridge has to offer, including punting (boating), sports, barbecues and visits to restaurants, pubs, theatres, cinemas and art galleries
-  Students on the eight-week program have a day trip to London to see a production at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre and visit museums and galleries
-  The eight-week program includes a four-day trip to Edinburgh, with dinner on the first night, transportation and accommodation at a bed and breakfast

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  • Summer
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04/16/14 - Liza
Barcelona – week 14
Spring break has started, and I have already been to Ibiza, Spain! Ibiza was everything that a vacation should be. There was a prepaid trip called TripIbiza that probably 300 American students paid 200 euros for, but my friends opted to save the money and just go on our own and make our own fun. […]
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For our first day of travel we knew it would be long. Although we were leaving on Saturday we wouldn’t arrive in Athens until Sunday around noon, we caught the 7:45 National Express to the airport and flew from London to Milan for our long, overnight layover. Interestingly we walked straight off of the plane […]
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04/16/14 - Elise
My Mini Amazing Race
Since the age of 8 I have been absolutely obsessed with the show The Amazing Race – I am determined that some day, one way or another, I will end up on it! When it came to planning spring break I had a few ideas of places I was interested in traveling to, but being […]
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04/16/14 - Elise
A Varsity Victory
Studying at Cardiff in the spring one thing that is a bucket list must is an event called Varsity. Varsity is a one day event before spring break in which rivals Swansea and Cardiff face off in a plethora of sports from tennis to football (soccer for you Americans haha) and every sport in between. […]
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04/15/14 - Anna
A Day at the Races
Lately there’s been some growing excitement on Facebook surrounding the start of Derby Days back home at Bucknell. Derby Days is a friendly week-long competition between the sororities. Different events are held, each of which can earn you points. But the big point-winner is the “Derby,” a white cross hidden somewhere on campus. Meanwhile, on […]
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