CUPA: Paris

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  • Location(s): Paris, France
  • Program Type(s): Study Abroad


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CUPA: Paris

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A student studying abroad with CUPA: Paris
I'm so much more confident! I have such a higher self esteem! I've got such street smarts now! My French is great! I'm even getting to the point where I can leave the news on in the background while I do my makeup and not really listen but I can still understand! I'm so much more independent! For context, I couldn't even talk to... - Villanova
A student studying abroad with CUPA: Paris
I learned how to be more open with other people, and to better engage the world around me. - Fordham University
I learned that the best way to learn something is to submerse yourself in it and take chances. Definitely worthwhile. - Fordham University
Yes! It has broadened my cultural horizons and helped me realize that I want to work in International Affairs. - Fordham University
A student studying abroad with CUPA: Paris
I learned so much about confidence, independence, and having a positive outlook. it was very worthwhile. - Fordham University
I experienced the differences between the French and American university systems. Although I did not grow to love the French system, it did make me appreciate my home university and the American system so much more. - Fordham University
Yes! It most certainly was. - Wellesley College


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Study Abroad
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