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The Arcadia Granada Center in Spain welcomes students at all levels of Spanish study. More advanced students have the opportunity to enroll in fully integrated courses at the Universidad de Granada. Arcadia in Granada is a unique program that ... read more

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Overall Experience
January 13, 2015 I Love Southern Spain!
I learned about independence, I learned who I am as a person, I learned how to appreciate life. A student - Trinity University
January 17, 2013 Granada
I loved living in Europe, especially Granada. It was absolutely worthwhile if even just for my use of Spanish, but it was an amazing experience. Elizabeth N - Villanova University
January 06, 2012 Granada The Seductress
It was deifinitely worthwhile. I gained perspective, improved my Spanish, and made lasting friendships. I saw amazing things that frame the world in a new context. I now approach Spanish literature with a new and more profound awareness of the dynamics at play. I have begun to distinguish human nature from cultural tendencies, a... Alex M - Harvard University
Past Review Espana
It was so worthwhile I decided while I was there to study abroad again the next semester. Amy G - Tufts University
A student studying abroad with Arcadia: Granada - University of Granada
This program was certainly worthwhile. I met amazing, interesting people, my language skills improved greatly, and Granada is a beautiful, navigable, lively city. There is a fantastic nightlife and many wonderful places nearby to travel to. You are a 1-2 hour bus ride from several beaches and mountain hiking paths. Louise H - Tufts University
January 08, 2012 Granada: Living Life
My overall experience in Granada was amazing, but I would not choose to go again with the same program. Bertha M - University of the Pacific
Yes, I became much more independent, and it made me want to go travel and immerse myself in a different culture after graduation Andy T - Tufts University


The Arcadia Granada Center in Spain welcomes students at all levels of Spanish study. More advanced students have the opportunity to enroll in fully integrated courses at the Universidad de Granada.

Arcadia in Granada is a unique program that allows for many curricular possibilities, You will enroll in courses ranging from Spanish language to area studies courses in English and Spanish, to special Arcadia-taught options taught by Arcadia Center Faculty in Environmental Studies.

You will work closely with your program manager to customize your course choices prior to departure, selecting a variety of courses that are appropriate for your major and interest. Upon arrival, your choices will be finalized based on the results of your placement test, which is administered during orientation.

All students are required to take Spanish language while in Granada. Depending upon the level at which you place in Granada, you may be required to take one or two Spanish language courses. Internship courses are also available.

Program Type(s):
Study Abroad
Program Length(s):
  • Fall
  • Spring
  • Academic Year
Instruction Language(s):
  • Spanish
  • English
Language Requirement(s):
  • Spanish
Relevant Study Subject(s):
  • International Business
  • Spanish Language, Literature
  • History
  • European Studies
  • Business
  • Environmental Science
Minimum GPA:
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Arcadia Scholarships

The College of Global Studies at Arcadia has one of the most extensive scholarship programs of any study abroad organization. As a non-profit university, Arcadia aims to help students for whom financial assistance can mean the difference between participation in an Arcadia program and staying home. Eligibility for our scholarships is based on financial need and approximately 70% of study abroad students who apply for aid from Arcadia receive some form of award.


Applications are received on a rolling basis.

Only students who have been accepted to a program from The College of Global Studies at Arcadia University will be considered for an award.